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Police Department Vision Statement
We will be a dynamic organization devoted to improvement, excellence, the maintenance of customer satisfaction and the principles of quality leadership. We will be the best police department in America.


Police Department Mission Statement
We believe in the dignity and worth of all people. We are committed to the provision of high-quality, community-oriented police services with sensitivity; the protection of constitutional rights; problem solving; teamwork; continuous improvement; openness; planning for the future; and the provision of leadership to the police profession. We are proud of the diversity of our workforce that permits us to grow and that respects each of us as individuals, as we strive for a healthful workplace.

Police Department Philosophy
The Neptune Beach Police Department is a contemporary police agency operating in an equal partnership with the various units of government in our city. This Department enjoys the respect and appreciation of our citizens and visitors and as individuals and as an organization, we believe in the dignity and worth of all people. As public employees we are dedicated to providing the citizens and visitors in the community with the quick, meaningful and appropriate law enforcement response and service required to enhance and enrich their quality of life.

As Police Officers, we are committed to proactive crime prevention. Although strongly service oriented, we are dedicated to aggressive law enforcement and to the lawful and ethical performance of our duties as defined by legitimate authority.

The employees of this agency strive for excellence and professionalism, always continuing to maintain us both physically and mentally. We believe it is the responsibility of all members of this department to assist and support each other with the accomplishment of our primary mission - protection and service.

The Neptune Beach Police Department is an equal opportunity employer and as such shall make every attempt to accommodate the personal and human enrichment of our employees. We are also committed to acquiring and providing the resources necessary to meet the needs of an effective, efficient, responsive police service in a dynamic community of fellow citizens.

The Neptune Beach Police Department received accreditation status from the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation (CFA) in October 2010. The agency complied with approximately 259 standards in order to be accredited. Every three years the agency must have assessors from other accredited agencies come and review written materials, interview agency members and visit the office as well as other sites to observe compliance. Once the assessors complete their report it is presented to the Commission which will decide on the status of accreditation for the agency. The Accreditation Manager for the Neptune Beach Police Department is Samantha Jones. If you have any question concerning the accreditation process please feel free to contact her at (904) 270-2413. The agency takes great pride in being accredited by the state and strives to maintain the highest professional level possible.

The Neptune Beach Police Department is located at 200 Lemon Street, Neptune Beach, Florida 32266. Neptune Beach Police Department is the only local agency that does not have white police vehicles. The NBPD vehicles are black in color and vary from marked patrol vehicle's, SUV's for beach access and marked slick-top traffic vehicles. The vehicles are identified by a vehicle number, the officer's name and accreditation acknowledgement. The NBPD takes great pride in their vehicles with a take home policy for officers to assist the community when they are not on duty (Click here).


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