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How do I resolve a bad check?

Individuals who pass bad checks are liable for criminal prosecution, although emphasis is placed on monetary restitution to those who are victimized.

Individuals and businesses should take the following steps to resolve a bad check they have received.

1. Submit the bad check to the bank twice. If the bank does not honor the check the second time, send the "passer" a letter stating the check has been returned by the bank. In the letter, give the "passer" ten (10) days to honor the check. Mail the letter certified mail, return receipt requested. Maintain copies of all your correspondence and proof of your certified mail, and check.

2. After the ten-(10) day time period has elapsed, if the check has not been paid, contact the Neptune Beach Police Department, by calling 270-2410/2411 or visiting the department.

3. Upon contacting the department, tell the dispatcher you need to file a report for a bad check. Have all your documents (proofs) available for the reporting officer. The officer will take a report and will need the original check, the certified check, the certified letter, and return receipt that you sent to the check passer.

4. The Neptune Beach Police Department will conduct an investigation using the information you provided when you filed the police report.

5. If the investigation reveals that a criminal offense has occurred, the investigating officer will file charges with the Office of the State Attorney. The investigating officer will notify you if a warrant is issued for the suspect. You may be needed to testify in court when an arrest is made. The Office of the State Attorney will notify you. If you are contacted to appear in court and have any questions, contact the Neptune Beach Police Department, 270-2413 and ask to speak to the investigating officer.

6. The Court may order restitution of the check if the offender is found guilty.

7. If you have any questions or concerns about resolving bad checks, contact the Neptune Beach Police Department, CIS Division. An investigator can answer your questions.

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