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How do I do a Ride-a-long as part of the Police Observer Program?

Anyone 18 years of age or older may participate in the Police Observer Program. This program is designed to allow citizens to ride with an officer in order to better understand the role of Police in the community. 

Individuals wishing to do a police ride-a-long as part of the Neptune Beach Police Observer Program will be required to:

  1. Read and understand the Neptune Beach Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) concerning the Police Observer Program. 
         a. This SOP will explain to the applicant what they
             can expect from the officer and; 
         b. What is expected of the applicant during the 
  2. Complete a Police Observer Program application. 
         a. This application will have the applicant’s 
             personal information; 
         b. Emergency contact information; 
         c. Reason for requesting of a ride-a-long.
  3. Complete a Police Observer Liability Waiver. 
         a. This states that the applicant is fully aware 
             of the risks involved; 
         b. Signing it they forfeit their right to any civil 
             claims against the City in the event of injury.
  4. Submit to a background check. 
         a. A background check will be done by the Neptune
            Beach Police prior to the applicant being allowed 
            to ride. 
         b. Applicants with a record may be denied
             participation in the Neptune Beach Police 
             Observer Program.
  5. Approval by a Police Commander. 
         a. Once an applicant has filled out the appropriate
            application, liability waiver and had the background
            check run the application will be forwarded to a Police Commander for approval. 
         b. A Police Commander has the final say on whether
             the applicant will be approved or not.

Once the applicant is approved by a Police Commander, a supervisor will make contact with the person and set a date and time for the person to ride.

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