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Fertilizer Application

We are entering the spring\fall season and that signals lawn fertilization. Fertilizer runoff is polluting the St. Johns River, Hopkins Creek, Intracoastal Waterway, out stormwater systems, and our Beaches community. We recommend our residents limit nitrogen and phosphorus pollution from fertilizers.  All homeowners, retailers and commercial fertilizer applicators must follow these requirements:

  • Only fertilize when needed.
  • Clean up fertilizer spills.
  • Do not apply fertilizer during flood or storm watches.
  • Do not blow excess fertilizer, lawn clippings or leaves into streets, ditches or storm drains.
  • Select slow release fertilizers.
  • Do not exceed the rate of 1 pound of nitrogen per 1000 square feet per application.
  • Follow recommended fertilizer application rates and set-backs.
  • Adjacent to water bodies, ditches, or storm water inlets create a six-foot zone of landscape planting or ground cover that does not require intensive fertilizer, watering and mowing.
  • Store fertilizers correctly. Follow all storage instructions on the label. Never store fertilizers in uncovered areas that exposures it to weather or flooding.
  • Follow Florida Yards and Neighborhoods program practices
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