Senior Opportunities at NBSAC
Now & Into the Future

Let the Neptune Beach Senior Activity Center be your Travel Planner! Tell NBSAC where you want to go, and they can not only make it happen, they always get group pricing! Plans are in place to travel by planes, ships, and trains this year with the Neptune Beach Travel Club! No age restrictions; no residency requirements!

  • Take a tour of our glorious National Parks in September 2014; cool off and visit Inspiring Iceland in August 2014; experience Italy’s Treasures in October 2014; go on a real African Safari in Tanzania in October 2014; a California Getaway in December 2014 or start the New Year off really special by touring Antarctica departing December 31, 2014! Come by or visit for details.

  • Broadway in Jacksonville 2014 brings us “Memphis!” Make plans to attend on Wednesday, March 19, 2014 beginning at 5p.m. for the pre-theater party, deluxe charter transportation door-to-door, and center orchestra seats. Reservations are required.

Everyone is invited to come with us! For further information and additional details, go to and scroll down to the Senior Center link or come by the Center at 2004 Forest Avenue, or call 270-1688.