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Re-Entry Passes

(In the event of an enforced evacuation)

The Neptune Beach Police Department in conjunction with the Duval County Emergency Preparedness agency will be providing Re-Entry Passes to the citizens and business community of the City of Neptune Beach.

In the event of an enforced evacuation (hurricane, or other disaster, natural or man-made) citizens and persons in the business community (business owners/managers, employees) and any individual attempting to make re-entry to the city will be required to have a Re-Entry Pass.

Re-Entry Passes are currently available at the Police Department Building, 200 Lemon Street, Neptune Beach. The Police Department Building is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Communication Personnel are authorized to issue passes after 5:00pm, weekends, and holidays. If there are any questions, you will be referred to the Records Section, Mon-Fri., 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Residents must provide a Photo ID with a Neptune Beach address.

Business Community individuals not living in Neptune Beach must provide a Photo ID and proof that they own, manage, or are employed in Neptune Beach (employees may present a payroll check/statement along with a request by the owner/ manager for the individual to be issued a re-entry pass).

If/when there is more than one vehicle for the residence or business, individuals that will be re-entering with the vehicle must personally obtain a Re-Entry Pass. Only one (1) pass per person will be issued. Re-Entry passes DO NOT EXPIRE, so please keep the one you were issued.

The Re-Entry Process:

  • You will be required to pass through reentry checkpoints and may be stopped by emergency officials to confirm the validity of your pass. Your identification may also be verified.
  • Passes are not transferable; the user must have identification matching the pass.
  • Display the pass on the rearview mirror inside the vehicle during the re-entry process.
  • If you leave your vehicle, take the pass with you.
  • If you loose your pass, it will be necessary to obtain another pass at the entry checkpoint. Photo identification with your street address must be presented.

Copying passes is PROHIBITED. Copying, altering or other fraudulent use of any pass is a criminal act and can result in the denial of re-entry, fines, and/or arrest.

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