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Political Sign Code

Sec. 27-580. - Exempt signs.

Temporary political campaign signs announcing the candidacy of a candidate for public office not exceeding four (4) square feet in area in residential zoning districts and thirty-two (32) square feet in all other zoning districts may be placed wholly within the boundaries of any property, at the discretion or consent of the legal owner and/or occupant of the property, provided such signs conform with all traffic, electrical, maintenance, fire and safety regulations of the city.

a. The placing of political campaign signs on city property, other public property or on public rights-of-way shall be prohibited. Political campaign signs displayed within motor vehicles conducting routine business activities on city or other public property shall not be prohibited, provided that no such vehicle shall be parked on city property, other public property or on public rights-of-way for the sole purpose of displaying political campaign signs. 

b. Illegally placed political campaign signs shall be removed by the code enforcement officer without notice to the candidate or abutting property owner or occupant. Political campaign signs shall be removed within seventy-two (72) hours after the last election. If such signs are not removed within this period of time, the city may remove such signs and may charge the candidate the actual cost for such removal. Collected funds shall be deposited into the city's general revenue. Failure to remove signs is a violation of this Code and is enforceable pursuant to F.S. Ch. 162, Code Enforcement.

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