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The entire Neptune Beach City Code of Ordinances can be found on Municode and includes all Ordinances adopted through 2015.


Ordinance 2016-01
Accessory Structures (NOT ADOPTED)

Ordinance 2016-02
Review of Legislative and Quasi-Judicial Decisions

Ordinance 2016-03
Bidding & Purchasing Request

Ordinance 2016-04
Water/Sewer Rate Increases

Ordinance 2016-05
Tree Conservation Trust Fund

Ordinance 2016-06
Solid Waste Recycling

Ordinance 2016-07
Gas Stations

Ordinance 2016-08



Ordinance 2015-01
Food Trucks

Ordinance 2015-02

Ordinance 2015-04
Public Notices

Ordinance 2015-05
Internet Cafes

Ordinance 2015-06
Police Officers' Retirement System

Ordinance 2015-07
Prohibited Activities in Parks

Ordinance 2015-08
City Manager

Ordinance 2015-09
Civil Service Board

Ordinance 2015-10
Beach & Waterways Use of Charcoal

Ordinance 2015-11
Additional Senior Homestead Exemption

Ordinance 2015-12
Fire Department

Ordinance 2015-13
Town Center Pavers

Ordinance 2015-14

Ordinance 2015-15
Chapter 2, Administration, Gender Spec.

Ordinance 2015-16
Public Records Policy

Ordinance 2015-17
Sign Amendment - Adopted Version

Ordinance 2015-18

Ordinance 2015-19

Ordinance 2015-20
Commercial Animal Establishments




The Neptune Beach code book has been updated and can be found by using the Municode link.



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