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Neptune Beach Tax Facts

Neptune Beach Tax Facts

  1. Neptune Beach’s General Fund Budget Expenditures (Police, Public Works, Parks, Building, Code Enforcement, Finance, City Clerk, City Manager & etc.) have gone down each of the last five years).
  2. Neptune Beach’s General Fund Revenues have gone down each of the last five years.
  3. If you live in Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Jacksonville, Orange Park, St Augustine and Fernandina Beach you pay more in property tax than a Neptune Beach homeowner.
  4. Neptune Beach’s property tax rate is on the bottom end statewide.
  5. Over the past five years Neptune Beach has reduced its fulltime employees by 15.2%.
  6. Property tax accounts for only 45% of the City’s expenditures.
  7. There have been no employee raises or cost of living increases for three years.
  8. Employee health benefits have been reduced, for the last three years, to keep the cost at the same level. (Benefits would have increased by 80%)
  9. Neptune Beach has developed more than $1,500,000 in grants that have funded need projects that would have otherwise increased taxes. 

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